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This application helps in copying images from one or many older to multiple folders.

Consider this scenario where you have thousands of images which you need to segregate in few folders, it is a painful task as many times selection goes away, copy paste few images over and over again, scanning thousands of images multiple times all this creates lots of wastage of this.
this solution helps with tackling this very issue.

You select destination folders list where you will be moving images and then go on to select all the images.
Then as you scroll through images you select images and assign destinations to them.
Once destination is assigned to all images you click on finish and it will either copy or cut the images as per your selection.

It can also delete images for that against such images you have to assign delete as folder ( delete will be auto populated in combo box)

I have tried to take care of all exception but if i missed anything feel free to raise issues and start discussion.

This app currently supports only images if you would like this fatures to be extended to other files types I'm open to suggestions.

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